About UiBdoc

UiBdoc is a non-profit interest organization for PhDs, postdocs and other temporary scientific staff at UiB. If you have such a position you’re automatically a UiBdoc member and  may participate in all of our events 🙂

Our feeling is that UiB academic staff are too isolated from each other. One of the primary ambitions of UiBdoc is to change that by connecting people from across the university. Other ambitions include assisting our members with career development, influencing university policy in favor of our members and connecting any of our members that experience issues with the supporting structure of UiB.

Upcoming events are announced via our Facebook Page and in the Facebook Group for PhDs and postdocs at UiB. You can also be notified by signing up for our email list.

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The UiBdoc Board

Annual General Meeting

We invite all PhDs, postdocs, and other fixed term academics at UiB to attend our Annual General Meeting!

UiBdoc is an interest organization that works to promote the interests of fixed-term academic employees (PhDs, postdocs, etc.) at UiB. For example, we organize professional and social activities, such as shuffleboard and an introductory course in Python programming. We also try to influence university policy in our favor. But most importantly, we try to foster a sense of community at UiB!

The coming meeting is the highest decision-making body of UiBdoc. It will elect a new board for the coming year consisting of existing and new members. We encourage you to come and to perhaps even consider running for a position yourself! We especially encourage those of you that recently moved here to come as this is a great opportunity to meet new people. Feel free to email us at board@uibdoc.no or send us a message on Facebook if you have any questions.

A lot of things has happened this spring that we’re excited to share with you. We’ll be presenting what has happened so far and our plans moving ahead. After the meeting we’ll go have a beer or something similar. Documents that will be presented during the meeting are available at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1shJbviieHZw1e7BFTPLqMeQ9zx8DLvP5

The meeting is on the 7th of June 17:00 in Room 400, HF-bygget, Haakon Sheteligs plass 7. There’s also a Facebook event.
We hope to see you there!

// The UiBdoc board

The Journey Begins

On monday, 05.02.2018 we held the first annual general meeting of UiBdoc, the interest organization for PhDs and postdocs at UiB.

At this meeting we presented and approved the statues of the organization. and elected a board for the coming months!

postWe are happy to present the board members of UiBdoc:

President: Albin Severinson (MatNat)
Vice president: Juliane Tiemann (HF)
Treasurer: Francine Schevenhoven (MatNat)
Board member: Jhon Meyer Muñoz (MatNat)
Board member: Tom Clegg (MatNat)
Board member: Iselin Vildmyren (Med)
Board member: Ronja Hesthammer (Med)
Board member: Anesa Mulabecirovic (Med)

You can reach us at board@uibdoc.no.
Let us know if there is something in particular that is important to you and what kind of events you are interested in.

All upcoming events will be announced here and on our facebook page!